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Know exactly what's going to get your business declined before you apply...
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We’ve helped tens of thousands of businesses use a holistic approach to financing. We help you understand & improve over 125 Fundability Factors™, establish and use your business credit, and match you with brokers and lenders to get loans and credit lines.

The 8 Drivers of Value

Driver 1 of 8:

Financial Performance

Driver 2 of 8:

Growth Potential

Driver 3 of 8:
Switzerland Structure

Driver 4 of 8:

Valuation Teeter-Totter

Driver 5 of 8:

Recurring Revenue

Driver 6 of 8:

Monopoly Control

Driver 7 of 8:

Customer Satisfaction

Driver 8 of 8:

Hub & Spoke

The Value Builder Engagement

Dive into a wealth of resources with over 50 done-for-you assets, including learning modules, tutorials, interactive exercises, and videos. Leverage these tools to protect, grow, and actualize the full potential of your business.

Engagement Preview Videos


Why the Value Builder Engagement is important.


An overview of modules
1 to 6 of the Engagement.


An overview of modules
7 to 12 of the Engagement.

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