A Sales & Marketing System for Professional Advisors

We provide tools, coaching, and ready-made content for accountants, consultants, and financial professionals who focus on helping business owners Protect, Grow, and Realize the Value of their business.

Marketing to business owners is (really) hard.

The lifetime value of a client who owns a business is impressive. They have more complex needs than a consumer, yet none of the buying power of a large enterprise which means we have the potential to earn fatter margins on a broader range of services.

But founders are a tough crowd.

Most are busy and lurch from one fire to the next. Targeted constantly by advisors, most owners have become immune to traditional marketing.

Professional peers can be stingy with their referrals.

If we break through, many independent-minded owners are skeptical of outside help and demand proof our advice is worth paying for.

It all adds to a tantalizing prize that can be slippery to nab.

The secret is to talk to owners about the one number they care about most: the value of their business. Value Builder is sales and marketing software for business advisors to find, win and keep their best clients. It combines tools and ready-made content for accountants, brokers, consultants and financial advisors who focus on helping owners protect, grow and realize the value of their business.

We help our Partners Find, Win, and Keep their best clients!

We provide tools and ready-made content so our partners can help their business owners protect, grow, and realize the value of their business.

How We Attract New Business Owners 

Smart Content

Our marketing funnel starts with a business owner giving us their contact information in exchange for valuable content. With our Lead Magnets, we can easily generate leads by offering ready-made eBooks, checklists, and guides and receive a prospect’s contact information in return.

Attract business owners by using our pre-made landing pages or embedding eye-catching lead capture forms on our website, social media, and marketing emails.

What makes the content so compelling? Each asset is based on insight from a panel of 25,000 business owners. Position ourself as an expert by educating owners on topics like increasing business value, generating recurring revenue, achieving financial freedom, and effective delegation. Since these resources are made for our partners and ready to use, we can eliminate writing time and production costs. How can you be certain we’ll have success?

Our Smart Content sits behind Lead Magnet landing pages, which have an average conversion rate of just 9.3%. That means with our Lead Magnets installed, we’ll convert four times more leads than an average landing page.

We also have access to hundreds of presentation templates, videos, articles, and podcast episodes, giving our partners all the content they need to attract more ideal clients.

Effortlessly Stay Top of Mind 

Nurture Cycle

Prospects don’t typically become paying clients after just one touchpoint. They need consistent communication to build trust. Once we’ve captured leads, they are automatically entered into our automated drip marketing system called Nurture Cycle.

Stay top of mind by sending expertly written emails that feature brand-new podcast episodes, engaging articles, and workshop invitations. Each week, we receive a preview of the email which we can personalize or leave as is. No email is sent without our approval.

What makes our email content unique? Nurture Cycle emails are quantitatively tested against a panel of 25,000 business owners then optimized for success. In addition, the content is focused on helping readers understand and improve the value of their companImagey. And the message resonates.

According to MailChimp’s 2022 customer survey, the average email open rate for professional services firms is 21.9% with a 2.5% click rate. With Nurture Cycle, we can expect 50% more opens than the typical email campaign and three times better than the average click-through rate. This means that for every email sent with Nurture Cycle, we can expect five times more clicks than the industry average.

Our workflow builder automates email sequences so we can nurture contacts without lifting a finger. Build it from scratch or choose from a series of pre-built Campaigns-in-a-Box.

Know the Pulse of Your Entire Network

Dashboard & Activity Feed

As your database of contacts grows, we’ll need to know which owners are the most interested in our content. In the Dashboard, track contacts by Activity Points, a unique scoring system that combines a user’s email interactions and form completions. This helps us uncover who is most engaged and ready for a conversation.

Within the Dashboard, we also find the Activity Feed. Through this live tracker, get instantly notified the moment a contact opens or clicks on a marketing email or submits a form. Reach out to our most engaged contacts in seconds with real-time notifications.

Rather than manually sorting through your entire contact list, the Activity Feed serves up our most engaged contacts at the top. Prioritize your outreach effectively, and strike while the iron is hot.

Get a Single Source of Truth

Contact Manager

Manage all your contacts from one central location using our easy-to-use Contact Manager. Segment by attributes, behaviors, or tags to keep our list organized. Build segments and enter them into the Nurture Cycle, an email workflow we created, or send a one-off targeted email.

With all your contacts stored in the Contact Manager, we eliminate manual data entry, third-party applications, and spreadsheets.

The Value Builder Score is a 34-question assessment that offers an evaluation of a business through the lens of an acquirer.

The owner who completes the Value Builder questionnaire will receive a score out of 100. We’ll then receive their overall score and their erforpmance on the eight factors acquirers value in a company.

We’ll also get the owner’s actual performance metrics, such as company revenue, profitability, and growth rate, which will allow us to see if the company meets our objective criteria for a great client.

We also get access to the PREScore™ (Personal Readiness to Exit Score) Questionnaire that assesses whether a business owner is psychologically ready to exit their businesses.

Seventy-four percent of owners have regrets one year after they exit. Use this questionnaire to help our clients avoid looking back on their exit with disappointment.

Have business owners complete their Freedom Score to assess whether they are financially prepared to sustain their desired lifestyle after they exit their company.Use this report to help owners think about life beyond their business and to map a road to financial freedom.

Once any questionnaire is completed, we’ll receive a comprehensive package that includes a report with a detailed analysis of their results and a customized presentation. The auto-generated reports will come pre-populated with our headshot, bio, personalized cover letter, and company logo. We decide when and how to share the results, whether during a face-toface meeting, online, or by email.

With these questionnaires, we will improve our discovery process by eliminating lengthy interviews and documents full of notes. Replace these manual and time-consuming activities with three simple surveys. Have richer conversations, and quickly qualify the best clients to invest time with.

Close More Deals

Business Valuation Calculator

As a professional services firm, it can be difficult to quantify a prospect’s potential return on investment when they hire us. Our Business Valuation Calculator allows us to win more clients by helping owners understand the current value of their company and how our services will maximize it. Our proprietary algorithm allows us to set a baseline business value from which we can perform “what if” scenario planning and a personalized roadmap for improving their business.

We power our sales conversations by giving owners simple visuals demonstrating the potential return they will enjoy by hiring us. Eliminate hours-long presentations and ongoing negotiations and convince clients of our value with data.

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Intro to Value Builder Training

Value Builder Smart Content

12-Module VB Engagement

Monthly 90-Min Workshops

Monthly 60-Min Webinars


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